Starting Indie Speed Run

I'll be competing in Indie Speed Run for the next 48 hours, so I wanted to keep track of my progress here on my blog. After a very fun but very rookie time at Ludum Dare just a few weeks ago, I'm really hooked on building small games and hope to put something even cooler together this time.

You can view my profile on the Indie Speed Run site, but I'll be posting all my updates right here over the next 48 hours.

Out of the Gates

I just hit the go button a few minutes ago, so my deadline is 9:47pm Tuesday night (China time). Tonight I've just written a bit of generic code and done a lot of brainstorming.

Indie Speed Run works by giving each participating team a unique theme and element to build a game around at the time of the competition. My theme is Escape and my element is Elevator. A pretty sensible combination considering it was generated randomly.

I've just gotten excited about a horror themed idea that we came up with, but we'll see what that turns into. I have some nice boilerplate down for an isometric 2D game in craftyjs.

For now though, I'm off to sleep on the situation and let the details come to me by tomorrow. I'll be up early for more coding and more updates.