Indie Speed Run Midpoint

I'm just past the halfway point of my 48 hours for Indie Speed Run. While I'm definitely still as frantically behind as usual for a game jam, I feel so much more comfortable than my previous experiences with Ludum Dare.

Right now I've got a decent amount of artwork done, a pretty solid platform for the game thanks to Crafty, and even some sound effects I recorded. That's way more than I could have said this far into Ludum Dare, but I've still got way more to do than I have time for.

My biggest challenge at this stage is actually getting my gameplay to a point that's interesting. In Ludum Dare I used a clever but very simple mechanic to let me build puzzles into the game step by step, but this time I'm going for something a bit more complex. Having a game that's actually somewhat fun to play will depend on this complex idea coming together and me having enough time to polish it. I'm really afraid of finishing the game right at the deadline and simply having it be no fun. I'll be heavily focused on preventing this in the second half of development!

Now I'm off to sleep to get ready to dive back in tomorrow...